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sorry guys

2016-07-30 15:35:03 by TravisGladue

I am so sorry to my small fans I have accummalated over the years, and to those who listen to my small songs I make. I haven't really done much since my last upload since life is much more harder than it was a couple years ago but i'll keep trucking on (or keep going if you don't get that). I will try to make one song before the end of this month or early next month since I will be moving shortly after I get my things together. ALSO if you are new to my profile Hello and welcome.

I am so terribly sorry about the wait guys, I went on hiatus to clear my head and sort out other problems. 

I am working hard on the next song I'll upload here. so I do hope you listen to it when it is uploaded.

Many pardons and have a wonderful night (or day (or or afternoon (or evening))).

An Apple a day...

2016-03-26 01:08:04 by TravisGladue

keeps Micheal Bay away


2016-02-13 23:08:48 by TravisGladue

it was a nice day today

new song is up

2015-11-25 05:19:47 by TravisGladue

take er easy boi

sorry guys

2015-11-05 08:49:20 by TravisGladue

I just don't feel like making music... mourning after a loss right now... depressed as hell...

Back in bidniss

2015-10-21 01:06:33 by TravisGladue

my new computer came in, glorious day and such I will get back to making music after everything downloads


2015-07-25 02:10:37 by TravisGladue

I can't work on anything because my pc died, I probably have to get a new PSU or Motherboard but god knows how long that will be. This really sucks.

resuming my projects

2015-06-29 18:34:05 by TravisGladue

Took a long break but I'm back guys lol

Its been a month or two since I updated my status, not alot has happened during these months.

Also I ain't dead.